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BLACK GOLD INNOVATIONS (BGI) co. is an oilfield, product, equipment and service Company providing high quality cost-effective engineered well completion equipment and services to the oil and gas industry in the Iran and select international markets. Recruiting skilled and proficient engineers that have been worked in various well completion industries for years, this company has been acquired the technology of and domestic design production of down hole completion equipment for oil and gas wells.

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Black Gold Innovations Company is a designer and Producer of Down hole Completion string for oil and gas onshore and offshore wells , which has a factory with an area about 5000 m2 in Tehran and that is equipped with more than 30 production machines and produces all the equipment in its collection .BGI also has qualified engineers as operation supervisor , which are sent to The Jobs in each operation

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We design , manufacture , supply wellbore related products and field services for down hole completion and production For cost effective and workable solutions , which help you reduce your cost , Please call us

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